Campaign Overview


The Fot5 campaign takes place in my version of Nentir Vale, an untamed temperate wilderness frontier. The Fot5 Elsir Vale is based on both published descriptions of Nentir Vale from the various Wizards of the Coast products and the Silver Marches of Forgotten Realms (3rd edition) . Generally, most of the locations and individuals that exist in the Wizards of the Coast products also exist in Fot5, although the structure and context for the locales and motivations and roles of the individuals may be very different than in the published sources. On the other hand, like the Silver Marches, the Fot5 version of Nentir Vale is remote and largely untamed. Distances between towns are great, and the region is sparsely populated. Trade is not common, and the folks of the Vale tend to rely on thier own ingenuity to provide for their needs.


The PCs begin the Fot5 campaign in the town of Winterhaven, in the northwestern corner of the Nentir vale, in early spring. They arrive in Winterhaven with few belongings, ready to begin a new life. An option quickly presents itself to the PCs in the form of a mission involving eradication of a nasty band of kobolds that has been harrassing trade caravans along the King's Road. As the PCs pursue the various opportunities that present themselves, they learn of, and are eventually challenged to put an end to, sinister plots that threaten all of the civilized world.

Here is a description of the campaign play style.