Play Style


Although enchantments and magical beasts are plentiful in the Nentir Vale, opportunities for interdimension and interplanar travel are few in the Fot5 campaign. Most of the campaign is "earthbound," and PCs explore the environs of the Nentir Vale.

The style of play relies heavily on role-playing, and the PCs uncover hooks, clues, and motivations through their interactions with NPCs, However, much of the combat action takes place in partially abandoned ruins and wilderness locations. PCs are also presented with occasional puzzles and problems. The play is definitely not hack-and-slash. Players may spend entire sessions roleplaying, yet more than half of the experience points are awarded for combat encounters.


Undertaking a campaign designed to span Levels 1 through 30 is nontrivial, and I am aware of the real world challenges of doing that (e.g., scheduling, attrition, etc.). I attempt to push PCs through levels a little more quickly than would happen normally by awarding experience points for social encounters, puzzle and problem solution, and minor and major quests. To the degree that players present detailed backgrounds, the plot may increasingly be tailored to tap into that information. In addition, I have a forum set up so that PCs can keep campaign notes and materials organized and availble for newcomers to the group.