Cumulative List of House Rules

House rules for Fot5 are documented here.

Cumulative List of House Rules

Postby edwolfe » Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:40 pm

1) Attacking from higher ground of at least 0.5 squares grants combat advantage for melee attacks.

2) The Create Potions and Alchemist rituals grant the PC the capacity to create any potion or alchemical item, respectively. However, in order to "learn" or "know" how to create a particular item, the PC must either find or purchase the relevant recipe/formulary. I will seed various recipes & formularies into the treasure parcels for the campaign. Also, creating an expendable item (e.g., potion or alchemical item) costs half the market value (rather than the full market value, as stated in the PHB--what's the point of learning the skill if it costs the same amount?). Purchasing a recipe or formulary costs twice the market value.

3) Intimidate skill checks apply to targets who are under demoralizing conditions (e.g., significantly outnumbered, have just witnessed slaughter of comrades, etc.), not just those who are bloodied.

4) Ritual Scrolls function as if they are copied from a ritual book. That is, (a) you cannot cast a ritual from a ritual scroll unless you have the Ritual Caster feat, (b) rituals on scrolls take the same amount of time to cast as a ritual from a book (not half the time), and (c) ritual scrolls can be copied into one's ritual book. The cost of a ritual scroll is twice the market value.
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